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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  April 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tornado warnings here this morning after deadly storms ripped through the southeast yesterday. same system impacting our area now. in the southeast, more than 80 people killed in five states. alabama, the hardest hit. that state in a state of emergency this morning. here in our area, twisters moved through central virginia leaving several people injured. we also received an image of what appears to be a funnel cloud in bowie, maryland and this morning, the veer weather continues. good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to be with us. this morning's bad weather moving through the area causing some school delays and
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closings. fauquier county schools delayed two hours. shenandoah county schools are closed. a tornado confirmed in the shenandoah county area. more warnings are out there in other areas. let's get right to tony perkins with a look at the forecast. >> thank you very much. the most recent tornado warning issued just moments ago by the folk at the national weather service. want to take a look at hd radar. we'll show you where the severe storms are at this moment. the area of most intensity is in virginia and portions of maryland to our north and west. a tornado warning has now been issued for prince william county, fauquier county, culpeper county and rappahannock county in virginia. prince william, fauquier, culpeper and rappahannock until 6:30. there is a tornado warning in effect for frederick, maryland until 6:30. here is virginia. look at that. that is four areas of rotation
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indicated. also, you are starting to sea a little bit of that hook effect. i'm very concerned about this. this is north and west of warrenton, south of the plains moving up towards interstate 66. this is the area of great concern. you should take cover now if you are in that area. that means go to the most interior room in your home. you want to be in a sturdy -- a substantial shelter, not a mobile home. stay away from windows and glass and flying debris inside your house. the most interior room. and seek shelter now. remember, it is dark outside. there is heavy rain in the system. and you will not necessarily see the tornado. in some areas where it is hilly or mountainous, weekend necessarily hear the tornado. this is the best indication that we have now. two of those areas of rotation just disappeared but we still have those two there so you need to take precautions. let me show you the counties covered by the tornado warnings. there is your big picture right
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now. you can see the bulk of the storminess off to the north. not much happening at all inside the beltway. tornado warning in effect. let me just let you know. tornado warning for frederick county has just been brought down. it has been canceled. tornado warning for frederick county has been canceled. that one will pop off the map in a moment. meanwhile, there is a tornado watch in effect for the entire region until 8:00 this morning. so we will continue to deal with this severe weather during the morning hours. a few moments ago, we mentioned that there had been a con furthermored tornado in shenandoah county, virginia. that is where the schools are closed as well. joining us now from the shenandoah emergency operations center is assistant county administrator mary beth price. are you there? >> yes, sir. >> our understanding that is there was a con furthermored tornado, at least one tornado
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at about 2:30 this morning. what can you tell us about was happening in county now and what areas were impacted? >> we had reports earlier of approximately five reports of tornadoes into the mount jackson, edinburgh, con you canville areas primarily in the southwest part of the country. we have confirmed significant damage in the baisy area. no injuries reported at this time. we also have 3,947 residents without power were we have multiple road closings due to high water or trees that are down across roads and we have activated teams and v d.o.t. is in the osteoporosis of trying to clear some of that debris. >> so trees are down, you have high water. roads are closed. has there been structural damage as well to buildings? >> our damage assessment team
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is being assembled currently at this time and they are going out and conducting damage assessments. the only one we do have confirm is in the baisy area and i understand we have to have one home that has received significant damage but no injuries reported. >> the tornadoes occurred overnight. it was dark. do you have sirens out there that go off? >> no, sir. the sirens that we e primarily are when a fire company is actually dispatched from our emergency dispatch center. some of the fire stayings have a siren. >> and at this point, no reports of injuries or people missing or anything like that? >> no, sir. >> all right. mary beth price with the emergency operations center in shenandoah county, virginia, thank you for joining us this morning. we may check back in with you a little bit later on. >> thank you. reports of tornadoes,
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damaged trees down and the schools are closed. >> we'll go now to julie wright who is checking in on traffic this morning. >> also coming in from the west, we are dealing with a large tree down, 50 at pendleton. that is out in middleburg. that is where you will fine a tree down across the highway. that is what we're waking up to this morning especially for the guys coming in from the west. as we heard from mary beth, a lot of debris out there on the roads and roads closed because of debris or standing water. if you can, if have you to make that trip into work this morning, try to leave earlier rather than later before this storm hits you, figuratively. if you are traveling around town, you will fine we do have accident active as you travel southbound along 27 ridge road coming in towards main street. we definitely have one lane to the left blocked at this point as you guys work your way southbound along ridge road. no incidents to report right now south on 270. lanes are open coming in out of urbana. wet pavement to accompany that trip out through hyattstown.
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inbound new york avenue, fourth street, again long term construction project narrows the road down from four lanes to two. the same storm system that is impacting us created some major damage across the east yesterday. >> that's right. sarah simmons has been monitoring all the damage. incredible death toll from these storms. common will have more other -- more on that when we come back. before - - 
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we are keeping our eyes on set veer weather moving through our region. we have tornado warnings in effect for parts of the viewing area. we are seeing rotation in the atmosphere to the west of washington, d.c. right now where a tornado warning has been issued for fauquier county, prince william county, culpeper county and rappahannock county. there are your areas of rotation. we have a report from talkier county that a tornado has been
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spotted heading towards warrenton. you see warrenton on the map there. you see one area of rotation to the north of warrenton south of the plains and another area of rotation off to the west. these storm are moving generally north and east at a very rapid rate. so we do have one report of a tornado spotted heading towards warrenton and again, our radar is indicating these areas of rotation. the tornado warning that is in effect out there is in effect until 6:30 this morning. this is a fluid situation. we will continue it see the watches and warnings go into effect, be pulled down as necessary. you want to take cover if you are in fauquier county, culpeper, rappahannock counties in virginia. a report of a possible tornado on the ground heading in the direction of warrenton. we'll bring you more on this in just a couple of moments. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to sarah simmons right now. she has been following the latest on what has been happening with the storm system down south. >> reporter: we are stalking 85
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deaths in the south from these deadly tornadoes and storms overnight. coming up after the break, we'll have an update on effect you need to know. what has happened in the south as well as we'll check in with tony again as we continue to follow this. we'll be right back. 
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we are taking a look at an intersection in fauquier county. this is the intersection of route 9 and 215. you can see how wet it is still there. there rob some problems out there in the area. there have been tornado warning out in that area as we continue to deal with severe weather across the area right now. if you were able to take any photos this morning if you saw any damage, send them to us and we can try to get them on the air. send them to or to our facebook or twitter accounts and we'll try to get them on the air during this morning's newscast. >> very, very busy weather morning to say the least. tony perkins and tucker barnes have been gangbusters over
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there in the weather department. thank you for keeping us posted on the fast-changing developments. >> it is our job. let us jump right in and show you what is happening. we'll start with hd radar. great that we have that live shot from fauquier county under the gun right now. ened a tornado warning. i want to show you this area and tuck are will get close in on it. i do want to mention that a dispatch report from fauquier fire and rescue a short time ago did report a tornado on the ground heading in the general direction of warrenton. now, tuck are and i both think that these -- this is showing the red spinning area there. that has just untense identified, correct. >> just in the last couple of minutes. >> we are watching these storms intensify as they are pushing to the north and east and racing at about 50 to 60 miles per hour. and here is your storm track. over the next five to 10 minutes, the storms are likely
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to push off to the north and east. meadowville, marshal. books corner and the plains by 6:20. possible tornado on the ground. we have a tornado warning in effect for another 150 minutes or so and we have doppler radar indicating tornado activity as you can see. so take cover. take all necessary precautions here as we've already had several reports of tornadoes during the overnight hours. >> both of those areas of rotation are of concern, the area in the red when you are getting that rotation down to the surface, that is indicating a possibly a tornado forming and touching ground. prince william county, culpeper county and rappahannock county also under that tornado warning until 6:30. frederick county, maryland still under a tornado warning this morning. tell me what we're seeing here. >> we're just watching very
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intense thunderstorms redevelop here now pushing up towards middleburg, leesburg won't be long before you two see some heavy rain. ashburn, reston, also of this activity working south and north and has an easterly component to it. this severe weather will make it into the immediate washington area and so the beltway likely here during the morning commute. we'll be touch and go during the next couple of hours. >> let's get to the graphics. max 2. the areas covered under a tornado warning right now, you see it right there. that is the county in red. that is the tornado warning until 6:30. in addition to that, a tornado watch is in effect for the entire area, pretty much the entire area until 8:00 this morning. tornado watch and that is as the system continues to move off it the east and we see the possible redevelopment of intense weather. temperature across the region, it is a warm, muggy start to the day. after this comes through, we'll see things dry out but right now it is 7 # degrees in
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washington. humidity levels up around 85, 90% so a tough one. we are keeping our eyes on strong wind gusts, cloud-to- ground lightning and possible small hail. winds have been gusting up to and over 25 miles per hour generally speaking across most of the region. tucker and i will stay on top of this. we'll let you know as soon as we get additional warnings and stay with us for all of that. in the meantime, let's get to julie wright. she will tell us about traffic. some of the most intense areas of storminess will be occurring across 66, if not already and then during the next few moments. northern portions of 270 also problematic. what have you got now. >> we are getting word of a crash along the eastbound stretch of 66 just before the exit for marshall which is exactly where you're talking about all of this heavy rain and the storm moving into the area. we are starting to see those problems pop up on the maps and on our screens here. we have a portion of 50 in middleburg tied up right new at pendleton street. that puts it out near the
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safeway shopping center where we have a tree down across the highway. we have spoken with shenandoah. they are getting flooded with a number of accidents coming in at this point. barbershop road for one is closed off right now because we do have accident activity and we've got trees and wires down in the area. as these storms move into the area, be prepared if a lot of debris -- for a left debris to be in the roadway for a lot of debris to be in the roadway. be careful out there. we do have some problems. this is a live shot of 66 coming in from manassas. we do not have cams out there towards 55 and continuing into fauquier county. our cameras only go as far west as manassas. we do have the delays eastbound. that is i typical delay at this point. at this point, the atmosphere is different here in
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manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> another day, another rally on wall street. we'll talk business coming up. a lot of information coming in here to the fox 5 newsroom as far as breaking weather goes and we'll also stay on top of any other school issues that they need to tell us about as well. we'll be right back. paul ? oh, hey, charlene. what are you doing ? this is to help me with my online investing. i'm so overwhelmed by jargon and trading tools and data
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stocks get a big boost after some news from the fed. the white iphone four finally comes out, only 10 months late. lauren simonetti joins us now with business beat. >> another rally yesterday. we are calling this one the bernanke boost. in and historic fed conference yesterday, they said they are in no hurry to raise interest
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rates. the dow up 95 points, the nasdaq up 22 and the s&p 500 high are by eight points yesterday. the fed also said that it would end its controversial bond buying program as expected in june. that program, as you know, pushing the value of the u.s. dollar way down and gold with a up. apple in the news for a couple of things. what is the latest on that? >> after a 10-month delay, can you go to a store and buy the apple eye own 4 in white. it is the same as any other iphone so it will track you just the same. apple finally answering critic about the privacy concerns raised last week saying that, while its devices do store a year's worth of data, location data, apple says it really won't wants your wi-fi network and the nearby cellular towers. that is the issue there. >> thank you.
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we'll have to leave it there today. we'll see you again tomorrow morning. we are just one day out now from the royal wedding. folk already camping out in britain hoping to catch a glimpse of the action as prince william and kate middleton head into westminster abbey to tie the knot. we'll get live updates too on what is happening outside. big problem with the weather. we do have tornado swayings in the area. we have one confirmed touchdown. other watches and warnings out there as well. we'll get the rundown from the weather department after the break. 
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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we want to start first with the deadly tornadoes in alabama. this is dramatic home video of the mile-wide tornado moving close to the university of alabama's football stadium in tuscaloosa. twisters have caused major damage throughout alabama.
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university officials say there was no significant damage to the campus but there was some damage off campus and then scattered throughout the state, much severe damage with more than 60 deaths reported in alabama. now, here, we've had severe weather this morning. here is a live picture right now of i-66 out in front royal as you get closer to the i-81 interchange. you are looking at not a lot of traffic out there but some wet roadways. closer to leesburg, they are getting hammered right now. >> we have been watching things develop all morning. we want to make sure we go now to our weather department and have them give us the latest, guys. >> all right. we certainly will. just keeping our eyes open. we have those tornado warnings that were in effect or having in effect for culpeper, talkier, prince william and rappahannock counties. >> they just expired. >> they did just expire. okay. they've expired. that is good news. however, we continue to monitor the severe storms as they come through. let's get to hd radar.
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we'll get a closer in look at that. this is tucker. we were one of the talking about this a moment ago. one of the problems in addition to these possible tornadoes and the rotation is this heavy rain training over the same areas over and over and over again. >> we've been tracking it throughout the west. this is the third round of it. likely to pick up two, three, maybe four inches of rain in some spots. i think we're lakely to start getting some reports of flash flooding taking place out to the west as rainfall rates. some of dark red you see, that isen after the accident sees have is an excess of 3 inches an hour. >> we continue it see the lightning flashes there. lots of cloud-to-ground lightning. we've had the strong, gusty winds gusting up to 25, 30 miles per hour in some places. leesburg under the gun, very heavy rain, strong gusty winds. severe thunderstorm coming
6:32 am
through the leesburg area. let's pull this out for one second. we are all monitoring. here we go again, more storms forming to the south. just to the south of front royal. those will likely train across the same areas. we'll keep watching all of this. watch for the development of any rotation in the atmosphere and the like. there is some indication that something luke that could form in a little while so we'll keep our eyes on that. let's take a look at the big picture very quickly. we'll go for max 2 -- to max 2 and we'll show you the satellite rad arrest. that is the tornado watch in effect for the entire area until 8:00 this morning. here is your storm system that wreaked havoc in the south. there are still some tornado watch boxes in effect for the carolinas and portions of virginia. this frontal boundary is moving to the east and the storms moving to the northeast. we'll bring you more on all of this coming up in just a little bit. back to you. >> let's continue our coverage this morning.
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deadly storms that hit across the southeast yesterday. >> dozens of people are dead in alabama and the regional death toll is even higher. sarah simmons joins us from the newsroom with a look at some of these incredible images caught on camera. >> we have been experiencing severe weather most of the week. at least parts of the country but nothing like this. we are now hearing that there are some reports from some media outlets that the death toll could be as high as 159. what we are hearing right now is they are reporting at least 85 people dead across five states after tornadoes tore through the south last night. 61 people died in alabama alone including 15 in tuscaloosa. deadly tornadoes have been ripping through parts of the south. alabama is under a state of emergency. this is dramatic video of a tornado ripping through tuscaloosa. the fox affiliate, wbrc, shows another view of the funnel cloud over the city. it is massive and intimidating be, rotating and picking up all in its path. once the storm cleared, the
6:34 am
damage was easy to see. the city is battered. swaths of tuscaloosa have been reduced to rubble. there is debris scattered all over. some homes took a direct hit. chattanooga, tennessee also suffered major damage. tops were snapped off trees and insulation and metal roof panels littered the ground. a tree crashed into this house killing a woman inside. >> it's a modular home. they were in the closet and for whatever reason she wasn't when the tree fell and the tree was in the back of the residents and fell through the house. >> reporter: this driver somehow got out without a scratch as a huge treetopeled directly in his path. >> i was driving off. the tree just all of a sudden fell on top of my car. >> did you see it coming? did you hear anything? >> it just surprised me. didn't even know it was coming. >> reporter: now, mississippi and georgia were also hit very hard. eleven people were killed in mississippi and 9 reportedly
6:35 am
dead in georgia. one in tennessee and we also had a death in virginia. the storm system spread destruction from texas all the way to new york. and president barack obama has also spoken with the alabama governor. he has approved his request for federal emergency assistance. back to you. >> thank you. we want to go right back now to tony perkins would has a little bit of new information. >> let's get right to hd radar. we were talking about leesburg under the gun and getting hit. right now on our map, we are showing areas of rotation right at leesburg. this is where we are seeing the most intense storm activity at this moment. we have seen the areas of heavy rain moving through. our radar system, our doppler radar system showing two areas of rotation at leesburg. as i'm saying this to you, i'm he watching the indications from the national weather service because i expect they will issue a tornado warning for that area momentarily. have not done it yet but this just and on the map. so again, i don't care if there
6:36 am
is a warning out or not, if you are in the leesburg area, take cover now. we are showing rotation in this intense storm right around the liesburg area. and this will be with you for the next self minute so take cover. go to the most interior portion of your home or you want to be in a substantial structure right now. stay away from windows and the like, anything where you can see debris flying around. you want to be in the most interior portion of your house. the leesburg area, we're seeing severe weather right now and rotation in the atmosphere showing up on our radar. we'll let you know as soon as we know more about what is happening. this is the same storm system that has shown possible tornadic development throughout the course of the morning. >> you got it. >> we'll have more coming up in just a couple of moments. let's get to julie wright and get more on what is happening on the roads. >> all of the severe weather coming in from the west. we have some major tie-ups to report right now.
6:37 am
authorities are check for the crash report ad long 66 as you work your way eastbound approaching marshall. heads up coming eastbound trying to work your way around the scene of that crash. alderwood at 7100 for the accident activity reported. this is a live shot of 66 coming east out of manassas. what i adifference a couple of miles makes. just a little farther west, it's different story. just dealing with a little bit of wet pavement and slow going leaving manassas to centreville. wet pavement here. the pace is slowing to the truck scales and germantown headed out to 370. we have a struck if very a. a.- - we have say structure fire in la plata. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a 19-year-old who had been
6:38 am
on the run is back in custody. he was one of four local teenagers who escaped from a placement center morning a week ago. the other three were caught fairly quickly. police have also stepped up patrols in areas from georgetown to dupont circle after a brazen day height robbery was all caught on tape. more than a doesen teenagers stormed the g star raw store in dupont circling monday getting away with more than $20,000 worth of merchandise. police are now investigating and they ask to you call them if you recognize any of the teens in the video. a judge has ruled that police do not have to search a virginia landfill for a missing woman. letitia frasier hasn't been seen since last august a public defender wanted to force police for excavate the landfill. let's get right to it. the national weather service in sterling, virginia has just issued as i expected a tornado
6:39 am
warning. this is in effect for frederick county, maryland, montgomery county maryland and loudoun county in northern virginia. we'll go to the radar and she you this storm is intensifying rapidly. we are seeing now four areas of rotation. this is just to the east of leesburg proper along route 7. there you go. there you see the four areas of rotation here just to the north of ashburn, along route 7 out near lansdowne, places like that. locations impacted would include leesburg, poolesville, boyds, new market, green valley and damascus. this is in effect until 7:15. for frederick county, montgomery county, loudoun county, loudoun is where we're seeing the most intense activity at this moment. you can see these are popping up literally as we speak. so if you are in this area, seek shelter now. take cover. move to and interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy
6:40 am
building if you are outdoors or in a mobile home, move to the closest substantial shelter to protect yourself from potentially flying debris. this tornado warning in effect until 7:15. we'll brung you more as we get it. am i going to steve now? let's get to steve. we're in the going to go to steve. >> want to be part of the momentous occasion. >> absolutely amazing. just looking forward to when my daughter has her big day. i should be watching kate, taking notes so he can have a good time. >> these folks and thousands of others camping out on the streets of others to catch a glimpse of the future king and queen. some of them say they will move over to buckling ham palace after tomorrow's royal wedding ceremony. some lucky yods yesterday got a sneak peek at some of the festivities -- some lucky folks yesterday got a sneak peek at some of the festivities. >> reporter: it has been a day
6:41 am
of big rehearsals here in london from the air and on the ground. the royal couple themselves practiced every moment soaked with friday's biggie dos. a royal walk-through this evening at westminster abbey as they have their final rehearsal before friday's main event. royal wedding watchers are staking out sidewalk space in hope of catching a glimpse of the happy couple. >> the best seat to see the royal wedding. >> reporter: people are coming up with creative ways to make the time pass pore quickly. some are taking bets on the wedding's most minute details. >> people are betting on the color of the queen's hat and we believe it will be a yellow hat on friday. >> reporter: while others create movie magic with puppet royalty. >> for the will and kate and their big day an to make puppets of them. >> reporter: the royal air
6:42 am
force is also getting ready being, rehearsing with a ceremonial fly past for the big day. members of the british military showed onlookers what to expect in today's massive pre-dawn rehearsal. a german marching band is bringing its own unique touch of pomp and ceremony to london. >> we admire the british royalty and therefore we must not miss such an occasion to travel to england to be as close as possible. >> jennifer davis, fox news. >> prince william will have a private dinner with his family tonight and kate will spend the evening with her family. our sister network will object air right here on fox 5 at 1:00 a.m. this friday. then fox 5 morning news begins at a special time with local news and weather along with wedding coverage. we'll also be streaming the
6:43 am
wedding ceremony at the film fast five is out this weekend p we'll hear from movie reruer kevin mccarthy. we'll see what he has to say about this one. -- the film fast five is out this weekend. we'll hear from movie reviewer kevin mccarthy. 
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6:46 am
a very busy thursday morning. you are looking now at live pictures of a tree down in middleburg, virginia. not surprising considering the severe weather we've had in that area. >> throughout a good part of virginia this morning, it has been a lot of trouble spots. we are getting reports of trees down throughout the area and reports of some structural damage although no reports of injuries at this time. right now, the focus on leesburg. let's get to tony and tucker with the latest on that. >> tornado warning remains in effect for loudoun county in virginia and montgomery and frederick counties in maryland. the area of most intense storminess is in loudoun right now. let's get to hd radar.
6:47 am
tuck are we are seeing the areas of rotation there. >> circulation here not necessarily touching the ground but this storm has a history of producing what is likely a tornado close to warrenton, about an hour ago and we are watching it track off to the north and at about 30 miles per hour. doppler indicated tornado activity taking place as we speak. in addition to the possible tornado which could be wrapped in rain so you can't see it, we've got extremely heavy rain pushing back to urbana and point of rocks. big rain for you. unfortunately, it looks like this severe weather will be with us here for the next several hours. >> we do want to let you know that one of our camera people out on the road has reported a possible tornado on the ground in the vicinity of poolesville and damascus, those areas out
6:48 am
there. possible tornado on the ground. we've hay confirmed tornado in the shenandoah valley which has caused damage there and closed school in shenandoah count question, virginia. that is a confirmed tornado. this latest tornado warning in effect until 7:15 for loudoun, montgomery and frederick counties. now, let's get to our maps. max 2 will show you there is your tornado warning area. again, in effect until 7:15. let's go to the tornado watch box or boxes and this is showing you all of these counties under a tornado watch until 8:00 this morning. under a tornado watch. i will mention to you there is also a flash flood watch. no, sorry, flash flood warning in effect out to our west because of these areas of heavy rain that keep training over the same regions. that is in effect until 9:00 this morning. i suspect that will be extended. all right. let's take a look at the satellite-radar.
6:49 am
tucker, you are there and you want to go into this a little bit? >> sure. the red box is the tornado watch box in effect until 8:00 this morning. i want you to focus on this line of thunderstorms out to the west. not the immediate thunderstorm we're dealing with right now but out into western portions of maryland and west virginia, the back edge of this cold front. the good news here is, unfortunately, the severe weather will be with us for the morning commute. by mid-morning, late morning, you think we'll start to see some quieter weather moving in. by later this afternoon, probably some sunshine and some much cooler air working in. our temperature right now in the 70s. later tonight, we'll be in the upper 40s and low 50s. it is that clash, the summer heat and cool and dry air off to the north and east that is parking off the severe weather across the washington area. later this afternoon, we should see gradual improvement and if your evening rush, much better conditions. here is a look at the five-day forecast. i talked about the improvement. 52 tonight. 70 for tomorrow and the
6:50 am
weekend. i want to show you we have lost the rotation her on our hd radar. that is good news. still around a tornado warning for -- do you have the tornado warn something. >> in effect until 7:15. >> so we still have another half hour of theton warning but we have lost lost -- lost indication of the tornado touching the ground. >> peelsville, dickerson, poolesville, damascus, boyds, germantown, clarkburg, friendship, places like that, you want to take cover. we beginning to get some reports from washington county, virginia of possible fatality and injuries possibly associated with a tornado in washington county, virginia. we will bring you more on that once we get that information. so again, seeing very powerful damaging potentially deadly storms move through portions of our viewing area. just want to mention quickly as
6:51 am
i see a new flood warning that has been issued. this is in southwestern virginia. west central and southwestern virginia, flood warnings there. an indication of something that we may see in our area as well as we continue to see these areas of heavy rain move through. all right. that is the latest on what we have. yes, sir, one more thing. >> i just want to mention winds again. let's go back to the max 2 system. very gusty winds. we've had winds associated with thunderstorm activity in excess of 50 to 60 miles per hour. here is the last look at your win gusts. here at reagan national, 26. 28 in manassas. 35 in fredericksburg. but be prepared if you've got loose items, lawn furniture, that kind of thing outside be prepared for very gusty weekend as these storms move on through as they have a history of producing winds in excess of 50 to 60 miles per hour. so that would cover severe weather parameters. >> there you go. that is the latest. we'll have more for you coming up in just a couple of moments. back to you. >> thank you. you want to stay with us
6:52 am
online for severe weather coverage through outthe area. doppler radar 24/7 on the web site at we would love to see weather photos as well or video as that storm moves into your area. >> let's make sure we remind people to stay safe while you are doing that. we'll go to julie wright who is safe inside but looking at some trouble out there on the roads this morning. >> absolutely. tony and tucker are talking about that is he vair weather coming northwest out of the leesburg area and headed into frederick. this is what we're fining out there on the roads. coming southbound along 270, this is your ride along that wet pavement as you head down to the truck scales. this is coming out of the hyattstown. we have more severe weather north of this camera but i don't have any more cameras north on 270 between 109 and urbana but that is where we are getting a lot of that severe weather. so proceed with caution out there. in some places, it will be very difficult for to you see a car length in front of you t you have to, a lot of people do
6:53 am
this. they pull over to the side underneath an overpass. make sure you have your flashers on so other people can see you. if can you stay put and let the weather move out of the area, that is a great idea as well. i know some of you have to get on work on time so be careful. this is where weigh dealing with just south of the band from the leesburg area -- this is what we're dealing with just south of the band from the leesburg area. incident-free but wet pavement it accompany that trip. no problems reported on 15 as you travel from the point of rocks. it looks good coming in out of leesburg. we haven't heard of any accidents off of route 7. we had a stalled car close in at the beltway but that is minimal. 66 is where we've had accidents reported eastbound approaching marshall. we had the tree down 50 at pendleton in middleburg right there at the safeway shopping center. that is still in the process of being cleared. here we are on the top stretch
6:54 am
the beltway still dealing with dry pavement. no problems to report in northeast. don't want to leave out la plata. structure fire closes route six? each direction between bell alton road and pen hill road -- structure fire closes route six in each direction between bell alton road and pen hill load. prosecutors say albert haynesworth was trying to pay a bar tab and placed his hand holding a credit card deep up side the server's bra and fondled her. court documents show a hotel security officer said haynesworth said she didn't touch him and he probably was upset because he had a white girlfriend. his attorney says they will not accept the government's plea offer to drop the charge to a simple assault. redskins have eight picks over all tonight. the coach says the team might trade down to get more picks but at this point, he won't rule anything out other than to
6:55 am
say they probably won't be take august tight end or a safety in the first two rounds. so chris cooley, your job is safe. here is how things break down. second round being they have the 41st pick. nothing in the third or fourth round. they to have two fifth round picks. -- they to have two fisk round picks. the draft kick off at 8:00 tonight with the first round only. it continues through saturday. very busy day here. we'll be right back with more news, traffic and weather for you.
6:56 am
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14 months and we thank her for her service. to be our facebook fan, go to our website. and kevin did give the fast five and four out of five said it was worth every bit the price. and coming up now, tornadoes touching down in virginia and throughout the southeast united states. and the death toll from these storms is rising. we're going to get the latest on the severe weather. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. let's take a live look at the radar. it is thursday morning, april 28th, 2011. you can see some areas of rotation still on this map. we'll get a close-up view in a


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